Best Types of Progressive Pokies to Play

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You are of course going to be playing pokies for two main reasons, you will want to be entertained of course, however you will, as every pokie player will want to do, have the chance of winning big too!

That is why you are going to find no end of different pokie machines offering one or more progressive jackpots, and when playing those types of slots you do have the chance of winning what may just turn out to be a life changing jackpot from just one single spin!

The original progressive slot machines were designed in such a way that the only way that you would ever have a chance of winning the jackpot was by you playing for maximum stake spins, and that would obviously entail you putting into play every single pay line a progressive pokie machine had on offer and also playing for the maximum number of coins.

You would then be hoping that the jackpot paying winning combination would spin in on the pay line that would award the jackpot pay-out. However, as the years have ticked by many pokie machine developers designed their progressive jackpots to be won in a range of different ways, and not necessarily by you being forced to have to play for the maximum stake levels per spin.

With that in mind below I am going to be taking a look at the other ways that many of the progressive pokies you an access online will give you the chance of winning a huge jackpot, and those pokies are certainly worth tacking down and playing too!

Bonus Game Progressive Jackpot Awarding Pokies

There are plenty of other types of progressive pokies that you are going to be able to get stuck into playing online, and the ones that I do personally find very appealing and very playable are those on which you can win a progressive jackpot via some form of bonus game.

What you will have to do when playing such pokies of course is hope that the bonus game will be triggered, but by playing the ones that have several progressive jackpots on offer, you will find the bonus games do tend to both trigger regularly and the smaller valued progressives are won extremely frequently too.

Some of the bonus game awarding pokies and slot machines offer a wheel spinning type of bonus feature, and you are then tasked with simply setting the wheel into motion and spinning, and will be hoping the segment of the wheel that spins in opposite the win pointer is one of the progressive jackpots.

Picking based bonus games can also award progressive jackpots too, some such bonus games require you to pick off a number of locations from the bonus game screen in the hope that one of them you pick does reveal the progressive jackpot logo, however some also are designed as pick and match bonus games.

When playing those types of pokies and slot games you need to reveal a certain number of matching progressive jackpot logo symbols to win the respective progressive jackpot, if not you are usually awarded a small cash pay-out instead.

Pokies Offering Random Jackpots

There are some progressive pokies which offer a brand new way of awarding their respective jackpots, and those are what are known as random jackpot pokies.

When playing most of them what players love about them is that they can play them for any stake level they like and still have a chance of being awarded completely at random a progressive jackpot.

So low rolling slot players will often give those types of pokies as much play time as they can do, for every single spin they play off even when playing for one cent a spin gives them a chance of winning a progressive jackpot!

Such pokies can award their respective progressive jackpots at random at the end of any paid for base game spin, but rarely when for example a player is playing off a set of free spins.

However, some pokie game developers have chosen to give their random jackpot slots something of a much more existing way in which they award their jackpots, and that is via a randomly awarded bonus game on which players can often have the chance of winning one of several different sized progressive jackpots.

So try and track down some of those particular pokie machines, much more so if you only have a small and modestly sized bankroll at your disposal!

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