How to Play Slots Games Online For Cash

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Online slot games are exciting and often a perfect hunting ground for a money-hungry spin master. Visit RocketPlay New Zealand casino online, and you will discover why these games have a huge rap among online casino players. Just a few rounds of spinning and BOOM; a life-changing fortune!

History of Slots Games Online

If you wonder how you can play online slots for real cash, you aren’t alone. Striking it rich playing slots games online is one of the greatest lures of Pros and amateurs alike. And you, too, deserve a share of the fun – you deserve to be at the top!

Online slots aren’t a novelty today, though. The first online slot first appeared in the 1990s, thanks to the emergence of the internet. Microgaming’s pioneer jackpot slot was Cash Splash, whose main feature was its relatively high payouts.

Since then, the number of online slots has been on a tremendous rise, with much of the recent ones focused more on providing an interactive gaming experience. Gaming software makers of today have diversified their crafts and focus more on how innovative the game is. 

On top of the diversity brought about by their cut-throat competition, game makers are also fighting to develop mobile-friendly online slots. And it is this latest move driving them to fight for those who prefer to spin “on the go.”

What makes online slots exciting?

If you visit a typical online casino like RocketPlay NZ and explore its rich list of online slot games vis-à-vis other games, you will notice several things. The platform is designed for all cadres of slot lovers, but differentiating the actual slots into different categories is cool.

1. An ample pool to choose from

Being able to assemble a variety, more comprehensive than any other casino game, is one of the greatest strengths of online slots. They present a wealth of games with multiple selection options, including the number of reels and pay lines, developer’s reputation, and games’ themes.

For spin masters, such a handsome variety comes with one significant advantage – a bigger pool of games to choose from. And that means every punter cannot miss a slot to play or one that suits their needs. Also, different themes, styles, and layouts of the slots is great for diversity. 

2. Slots require no special skills

That’s right – winning on slot machines online, much like their physical counterparts, is entirely a matter of luck. There’s no box of tricks to use, and neither is there a particular school where one can learn how to draw luck to their side. Spin and match the reels to the symbols, and you win. 

Essentially, this is based on how online slots are fundamental. You do not bet against the house, but rather the outcome of a spin. And if you are dead right with your prediction – or lady luck smiles on you – the reels matching up against the symbols means you are the winner.

3. Relatively bigger payouts

Online slots are pretty generous on winnings and sometimes even pay as much as 10,000x your stake. That’s to say; you stand a higher chance of getting rich from a single winning wager than any other online casino game. 

The likelihood of winning from a single bet is further enhanced because some slots have more than three reels and include extras such as Scatters and Wilds. Quite simply, you will enjoy placing bets within your field of strength and heightening your chances of winning. 

4. Created based on relatable, real-life themes

Imagine playing a game that’s based on your favorite Kiwi blockbuster film. Or, a slot whose storyline is about your favorite sport, food, fantasy, or a topic that you love more – like environmental conservation.

Well, that’s the real beauty of online slots – you get to participate in games fashioned from your favorite themes. Most games mirror real-life happenings and may even include symbols and graphics, and sound effects drawn from the real thing. 

5. Killer gaming features

Online slots form the most significant majority of all casino games because they are easier to develop and even much easier to make even more exciting. Essentially, any real-life phenomenon can be replicated as an online slot and spruced with novel gaming add-ons. 

An ordinary slot online is easily converted into an award-winner and a much sought-after when its creator adds a Wild, rare reel structure or an attractive bonus. And it is this flexibility that makes virtually every single online slot an instant attraction. 

6. There’s always a game

Log in in the dead of night, in the afternoon, or the evening; there’s always a game — no restrictions on admissions, nor limits, or VIP-only slots.

That’s the beauty of online slots – you are always assured of a game. And you can play them for as long as you’d want, provided you gamble responsibly. 

How Slot Machines Work

It doesn’t matter how successful you’ve been playing conventional slot machines; slots online is a different ball game altogether. Forget about the vibe and camaraderie at the local bingo hall or the experience at your favorite city casino.

Online slots – as the name suggests – belong to the internet. You log in to your RocketPlay, slot games category, and start gaming. And you can do it anywhere, any time, and at your convenience. Just a smartphone, a tablet, a laptop, or a desktop PC, all connected to the internet. 

How they work, though, is quite different.

Conventional slots of today are computer-programmed using special software. How they operate significantly differs from the original ones, which are primarily electromagnetically operated. Essentially, the random numbers they generate aren’t easy to predict because the RNG machine is analyzed and certified to be true and fair. 

Furthermore, every slot machine is often initially and every so often tested for fairness. In every jurisdiction, there’s an exceptional team of independent analysts sent by the regulatory body. Their role often is to try them and determine whether the outcome is unbiased. 

The regulators ensure that the software built in the machine remains intact and untampered with. They also keep a close eye on the results of each game and compare the results over time with scientifically modeled outcomes. 

How to play Online Slots 

As much as online slots are the most common online casino games, they are equally the easiest to play. On a platform like RocketPlay, there are over 4,000 different online slots, with each unique game coming in a different theme.

But the beauty of online slots is how easy they are to play. Even for a beginner, a newbie, or a professional in typical ones, there’s nothing complex in them.

The first step usually is to sign up and log in to the UI. 

      1. You must choose one slot game to play. To do this, search for the actual game from the search bar under the Slots category. You could alternatively go with one of the Top or Recommended slots – as it is the case with RocketPlay. 
      2. The next procedure upon choosing an online slot would be to specify the minimum bet amount. Different online casinos often have unique minimum balances. Some even allow you to ‘Max Bet.’
      3. Having indicated your stake level plus the total number of spins to play, the next trick is an exciting one. Some perform pre-game rituals before they hit the play button. Others meditate while some pray.
      4. Pre-game rituals do not matter, though. What matters is whether you can commit to save time and continue enjoying the game experience. Basically, you do this by indicating the spins. 
      5. The last step is to take a sigh of relief, sit back and witness the action. Reels will turn as symbols change, and this will go on and on for a while. 
      6. It may take countless spins lines before the spin ends. You should be able to see the whole action from your screen. However, even if you don’t, all online slots are fair, and the outcome is never pre-determined. 
      7. If the spin stops at one of your win lines, rest assured you will leave smiling. The system is innovative and credits the account immediately you win. You will be notified at the screen too. 

But there are some rules you must be aware of

      • Results of online slots are entirely random – an algorithm determines them. 
      • On a 3-reeler, you win if a line of 3 or more similar symbols forms along the pay line.
      • Winnings depend on the number of symbols created and the size of your wager.
      • Symbols return various amounts – from 50% to hundreds more.
      • Always read the paytable before you hit the ‘Autospin’ button. 

Which Type of Online slot is excellent to play for Cash?

That’s probably what you are asking yourself right now – online slots with the highest payouts. And you have every reason to seek those interesting to play, give massive rewards, and still come with stunning themes.

See, when it comes to slots games online, those with fantastic bonuses and irresistible payout percentages and pay lines are perfect. RocketPlay has several whose RTP goes beyond 95%, especially the Top-Ranked and the Recommended ones.

Outside of that, there are four main types of slots online. They are as below:

      • Classic slots
      • Video slots
      • Progressive slots
      • Branded slots

Classic Slots

If you’ve ever played 777, Total Overdrive, Tropical 7 Fruits, or Fruit Zen slots at RocketPlay, then you have an idea what Classic online slots are. Because, as the name suggests, they draw their inspiration from ordinary electro-magnetic slots played at conventional poker halls. 

You will identify them from a specific list of distinct symbols, especially Fruits, 7s, Bars, and Diamonds. But 3-reeled with an old-themed slot machines’ look, they are designed to look like mechanical ones, especially their straightforward pay tables. 

One unique thing with them is how they come with an RNG that churns out symbols to correspond with the reels on the screen. 5-reel and 7-reel ones exist, though. However, as classic online casinos are simple to play, it is the absence of bottlenecks and typical gaming constraints that keep these slots popular. 

Video Slots

You know online video slots because almost all 5-reel slots belong to this category. Or out of their distinct audio-visual and beautiful graphic thematic features. Or perhaps because you’ve once played Jewel Bang, Street Magic, Wings of Ra, Solar Queen, or Wacky Monkey. 

But the fact that online video slots form the single largest majority of all slots today means that they are countless. As much as 70% of all slots available online fall under them, the only differences are their different styles. 

Video slots online on RocketPlay are some of the best you can ever find anywhere. Not only do you get a library of over 2,000 of them; you also get to enjoy fabulous bonuses. Playing them is also a breeze, and you are almost guaranteed to win a nice profit. 

You only need to start the game, indicate your stake amount, and hit the Start (or Autoplay) button. Reels spinning only need to match the symbols set along a pay line to warrant a win. It is important to mention that pay lines vary when it comes to Video Slots, and if you choose a perfect one, there’s a greater chance of walking away with a profit. 

Progressive Slots

A lot can be used to describe Progressive Slots. But to sum everything up, this category of slots describes all games whose jackpot amounts consistently rise whenever a punter places a bet. The cash reward will increase continuously until there’s a winner.

With this type of online slots, therefore, one thing is sure: the highest payout possible isn’t fixed. The amount will rise and rise before it resets after it’s claimed. One only wins by either matching a combo of symbols or through sheer luck. 

It is natural for every online casino to have progressive slots. The most popular progressive slots online today are Gladiator, Mega Moolah, Cleopatra, and GoldFish.

Branded Slots

Guess you have seen online slots whose graphics, characters, sound, and everything is based on a real-life phenomenon. Blockbuster movies, top-ranked TV shows, popular sports, celebrities, and rock bands are some of the most familiar faces of branded slots online today.

Branded slots online are pretty new and rose out of the need to bring more excitement to the world of online casinos. Nearly every famous casino game developer creates them, essentially because they are a more refined version of slots.

It is easy to play these online casino games because they do not differ from typical reeled ones. However, for developers to create one, they have first to seek a license to use the character, content, script, and everything from the original creator. 

Need to play Online Slots for cash?

It’s simple; start now. First, choose an online casino of your liking – preferably one that’s highly-ranked. If it offers free slots, use them first. 

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