New MultiSlot Pokies with High Paybacks

A relatively new pokie game supplier based in the Isle of Man is MultiSlot, and there is a good chance that you will have seen or played their pokies before for they are available at quite a growing number of online casino sites and you can also play them on Facebook too!

They tend to launch between eight and ten new pokies every three months, so they do always have a constant supply of brand new pokies on offer, and they do of course all come with their own unique themes and often come jam packed full of bonus games and bonus features too.

However, what does make those pokies highly playable in a real money playing environment is that they have been designed with some above average pay-out percentages, so much so that I have put together the following guide that is going to enlighten you on which of the MultiSlot pokies have the highest RTP’s.

As mentioned the pokies are available in a free play demo mode version, so as there is a very good chance you haven’t yet actually played any of them, make sure you set about doing so initially for free, as that way you can make up your own mind as to whether they are pokies you will then want to go on to play for real money at a later date!

One final thing that I should mention before giving you an insight into the RTP’s of MultiSlot pokies, is that they have all been certified by the independent casino game testing company Gaming Labs as being 100% random, fair and true.

MultiSlot Pokies with the Highest RTP’s

One pokie from MultiSlot that should be right at the top of your list of pokies to get stuck into playing is the Chess Mate slot, for it is certainly one of their much higher paying pokies thanks to it being designed with a long term RTP of some 98.70%!

I would also advise you to give both the Cinema Classic pokie and the Lucky Mermaid slot some play time for by doing so you are going to be playing two MultiSlot designed pokie games that have been set with some way above average pay-out percentages, which for reference are 98.50%!

Just keep in mind though that even though the pokies games that I am showcasing you that do come with those very high long term expected pay-out percentages, each slot is completely random, so you will experience both losing and winning sessions when playing them online!

The way to ensure you never lose back any winnings you do achieve, which is still a very real possibility even when playing pokies with exceptionally high RTP’s is to stop playing and cash out your winnings when you are ahead and showing a decent profit.

There are even more pokies that can be accessed and played online from MultiSlot that do have very high pay-out percentages and two that have bene set to return to players, over their long-term play, 98/30% of the stake fed and played through them are the Golden Legacy and Sports Fishing 98.30% slots.

Even More High Paying Pokies from MultiSlot

How many times have you taken a bonus from an online casino and have massively boosted your starting bankroll but then gone on to blow the bonus and your deposit way too quickly?

Well fi that is something that does always seem to happen to you then you have probably been playing the wrong slots with your bonus credits and picking slots that have a low pay-out percentage, and as such let me give you the names of some other slots from MultiSlot that do have some very high pay-out percentages and would be ideal slots to play with bonus credits.

I have played both the Lucky Pets pokie and the Diamond Diggin pokie from MultiSlot and to be fair I did find both to be quite entertaining games, and one standout feature of both of those two pokies is that they both share a high RTP that being some 98.20%!

It will be slot games and pokie machines that have RTP’s that are higher than 97% that the savviest pokie players are always going to make a beeline to play and there are four other MultiSlot pokies that do come with RTP’s higher than 97% and they are the Cash Garden slot with an RTP of 98.00% and the Sweets and Spins, SlapShot and Merry Christmas pokies from MultiSlot all have RTP’s of 97.90%!


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