Pokie Game Playing Strategies

Choosing a stake level and then clicking or tapping onto the spin button to send a pokie machines reels spinning is probably your own unique playing strategy for playing pokie machines, for to be perfectly honest, as those types of gaming machines are random, there is no guaranteed winning system that you can adopt when playing them.

However, believe it or not, even though pokie machines by their very design are completely random games of chance, there are a few ways that you can play them to hopefully help you increase your chances of winning.

With that in mind in this particular slot playing guide I am going to be looking at some pokie game playing strategies some players do adopt, to help you determine whether they are going to be playing strategies that you may fancy trying out, or not!

The first thing you should be doing however is tracking down the pokies that have the highest possible payout percentages attached and on offer on them, and those which will give you a much greater chance of winning are those that have been set with long term expected RTP’s of 97% Or higher, so make sure they are the ones your actively track down and get stuck into playing!

Just be aware though that even when playing a pokie machine that does come with an above average RTP, that doesn’t mean you are going to win every time you play it, but over time you should find your single session pay-out percentage will get very close to the expected RTP!

Correct Use of Casino Bonuses

It is with the aid of bonuses that most slot and pokie players can and often will increase their chances of winning, but that type of playing strategy does call for players to develop, and very quickly, something of a sixth sense regarding being able to spot the pokie bonuses that are designed to be valuable to players.

Take for example deposit match bonus, especially those that are designed in such a way that when you make a deposit into your slot or casino site account will see your deposit being matched by at the very least 100% of your deposited amount.

No avid pokie player is going to be able to resist being able to double the value of their bankroll by claiming a 100% deposit match bonus, but it is the terms and conditions coupled with any additional bonus play rules that will determine if such a bonus is worth claiming, and whether it will actually increase your winning chances too.

Things that make a deposit match bonus worth claiming include low play through requirements, and the lower the play through requirements the better, so ideally look out for pokie bonus that require you to only play through your bonus credits and not the deposited amount less than 30 times.

Make sure though that you are not subject to any maximum stake levels when playing pokies with bonus credits and never claim a bonus which limits you are to just how much you can win and cash out!

Slots and Pokie Machines that May be about to Pay-Out

You may be of the mindset that there is no way in the world that you can tell in advance if any pokie is about to pay-out, and you would be right in thinking that, as it is at the moment in time that you click the start or spin button that the random number generator attached to each individual pokie will determine if the next spin is a winning or losing one.

However, if you choose to play some of the many different slots on which there are one or more progressive jackpots, that are guaranteed to be awarded before they reach a certain limit, then there is a time when you should play such slots!

That is of course when the current value of any of the progressive jackpots displayed on such pokie machines is not far off their guaranteed to hit by amounts.

Take for example a pokie that let’s say offers a progressive jackpot that is guaranteed to hit before it reaches $500.00, such a pokie is not worth playing if the current value of the jackpot is say $289.00, but will certainly be worth playing if the jackpot displayed is say $497.00!

So do be on the lookout for such pokies, for you will certainly increase your chances of winning if you play them when their respective jackpots are very close to their guaranteed hit by amounts!

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