Privacy Policy

The aim of the website is to give you as many facts, figures and information as you will need to be able to put together you own unique type of pokie and slot machine playing sessions, no matter in which type of playing environment you choose to play such games of chance.

However, we do of course respect your right to privacy and as such you will always have the option of visiting this website without the need to sign up to access any of the content found within this website so can come and go freely safe in the knowledge your own personal information is always going to be safe and will never need to be revealed.

There may however be the requirement for you to supply us with some information when using some of the services we offer on this website, and as such please do read through the following privacy policy just to familiarize yourself when you will need to furnish is with some of your own personal information and how we use and store that information too.

I would also wish to point out that as we do not own or operate any of the websites linked into, mentioned or showcased throughout this website, you are encouraged to read through the privacy policies at any of those websites that you choose to visit and make use of.

Cookies and Third Party Cookies

We do use cookies throughout this website, and they are in place to help us provide to you a much more rounded type of website visiting experience, and to also present to you information that we feel is going to be of use and interest to you.

As such whenever you visit this website we will place onto your computer or your mobile device a cookie, however if you do not wish to have a cookie placed onto your device you are under no obligation to do so and can remove it at any time.

Just be aware though that some sections and parts of this website may not operate and work as they have been intended to do so if you do turn off or refuse to accept our cookies.

We may also make use of third party cookies on this website which are there for statistical purposes, and some of our featured casino and slot sites will also track your movement from this website to theirs via cookies, as by doing so they will be able to ensure that any bonus offers we have showcased to you on this website are available to you when you visit their respective websites.

Newsletters and Competitions

There will also be the requirement and need for you to supply us with some of your own personal information if you choose to sign up to our newsletters, as by doing so we will require your name and email address so that we can send out those newsletter to you.

Be aware that if you make use of and enter any of our competitions then once again you are going to have to give us some of your own personal formation so that if you win any of those competitions we are able to contact you to arrange delivery of any prizes that you may have won.

As we will also be showcasing to you a range of offers and promotional deals in our emails newsletters we may share your personal formation with our specially selected third party companies so that they can put together tailored promotional offers for you.

All information you do supply us with will be securely stored and will only ever be used for its intended purpose. You can unsubscribe from any newsletters by following the unsubscribe links within those email newsletters.

Contacting Us and Your Privacy

If you choose to contact us by any method then be aware that we will only ever use the details you supply us with such as your name, email address and phone number to reply to you and answer any questions that you have asked.

We will never send out advertising or promotional material to anybody who hasn’t specifically asked us to supply such content, which is often done via our email newsletters.

Any and all person information that you do supply us with will be stored safely and securing using the very latest security protocols. I you have any questions about this privacy policy then do please feel free to contact us and we will get back to you as quickly as possible.

Be aware that we do also have our own unique set of terms and conditions regarding using this website, and as such I would advise you to read through that section of the website, the links to that section of the website can be found on each page of this website.