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I extend a warm welcome to all slot and pokies players to the New Zealand Slots website, and hereby cordially invite you to have a good look around this site. We have picked out the very best online slots deals and bonuses for NZ based players. Whether you want to play for real money or are simply looking for some free spins with no deposit required, we have the offer to suit your needs.

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Up To 50 Extra Spins On First Deposit
18+, New Customers Only, Terms and Conditions Apply,, Min Deposit £10
100% 1st Deposit Bonus (NZ Dollars Accepted)
18+, New Customers Only, Terms and Conditions Apply,, Min Deposit £10
100% 1st Deposit Bonus or 100 Free Spins
18+, New Customers Only, Terms and Conditions Apply,, Min Deposit £10
Check Site For Latest Bonuses!
18+, New Customers Only, Terms and Conditions Apply,, Min Deposit £10
Check Site For Latest Bonuses!
18+, New Customers Only, Terms and Conditions Apply,, Min Deposit £10
Check Site For Latest Bonuses!
18+, New Customers Only, Terms and Conditions Apply,, Min Deposit £10
Check Site For Latest Bonuses!
18+, New Customers Only, Terms and Conditions Apply,, Min Deposit £10
Check Site For Latest Bonuses!
18+, New Customers Only, Terms and Conditions Apply,, Min Deposit £10

No expense has been spared to ensure that you are going to find a whole host of valuable information that will enable you to become a much savvier online slots player, and also enlighten you on where to play such games online or on your mobile phone too.

There are, of course, benefits of playing online pokies or via an app if you are based in New Zealand, and below I will give you a basic overview of what those benefits are, and how you can go about playing slots in an environment that appeals to you the most.

The Most Advanced Online and Mobile Slots

Never be under the impression that you are going to be making any compromises when you set about switching some or even all of your one time land based slot playing action online or when you set about using a mobile casino or slot app.

You are going to find every single category of slots and pokies you would ever hope to come across, and plenty of them that you may never have seen or played before. Here is a listing and overview of some of the most popular and most played online and mobile slots you will be able to access.

Classic and 3 Reel Slots

Classic and 3 Reel slots or pokies tend to attract players who want a very straight forward type of playing experience, for they are usually slots that have been designed with no bonus games or bonus features.

It is also worth noting that such slots also have one or a very small number of pay lines, and can be played for low to high stake amounts too. However, some of the more recent 3 reel slots may have some form of bonus game or special wild multiplier symbols that can boost the value of winning combinations that they help to form.

Video Slots and Pokie Machines

I would certainly advise you to check out and get stuck into playing as many of the video pokies that you will have access to online, for those slots which tend to usually offer a five reel type of playing structure come packed with potentially huge paying bonus games and built in bonus features too.

You do have the option of playing them for a range of different staking options, and the art to getting the most play time is to ensure you set the stake levels to ones that will allow you to play off as many base game spins a you possibly can do.

By doing so you will then have a much greater chance of triggering a bonus game which would take the form of a free spins bonus round, a pick and match or pick and win bonus feature or even a wheel spinning based bonus game.

Progressive Pokies and Playing NZ Slots for Real Money

Make sure you at least try out a few progressive jackpot awarding pokie machines, for when playing them in a certain way, for example, with all pay lines activated or for certain stake amounts you could win a huge life changing jackpot. Look out for some of the much newer pokies offering multiple progressive jackpots that can be awarded to players randomly or before they reach a certain value too. Just remember that to play these slots you need to do so with real money as free spins generally are not available. 

Fixed Odds Pokie Games

Fixed Odds pokie machines are quite rare, however when you do come across one of them you are faced with having to place your stake on any of the pay table listed winning combinations that could be spun in.

These types of slots available to Kiwi players are designed in such a way that they are going to spin in one of the winning combinations as listed on their pay tables on every single spin you play off.

However, you are only going to receive the respective winning pay-out if you have placed a bet on the winning combination that does indeed spin in!

Comparing Land Based and Online Slots

fun casino

When it comes to comparing land based and online slots, one thing to keep in mind is that many of the slots you will find on offer in a land based casino venue are now available to play online for NZ based players.

So if you do have a few favourites that you always look for when visiting a land based casino there is a very good chance you will find those exact same slots available online or can even be accessed via a mobile casino app.

One of the main differences between land based and online or mobile slots is that when you choose to play them via your computer or a mobile device you get lots of additional staking options, as they tend to be designed as multi-denomination pokies, and there are bonuses waiting to be claimed when you play them that way too.

Many land based casinos offer some form of loyalty scheme, but you will often find the comp and player clubs that are on offer at mobile and online slot sites do tend to give you much more by way of points per real money spin you play off and also some much lower redemption rates too!

Importance of Licensed and Regulated Slot Sites

Wooden Gavel on map of New Zealand, 3D rendering

We have a very strict checklist and set of criteria that we use regarding all the new slot sites and New Zealand facing online and mobile casino apps that we use as part of our approval process.

Whilst each site and app is of course going to be offering a unique set of features, promotional offers and of course slot and pokie machines, there are some things that we do demand from each site as standard, and one of those things that each site or app much be fully licensed and regulated.

By ensuring each pokie app and slot site is fully licensed then you are afforded the added protection of its licensing authority or gambling commission, which includes you having the peace of mind in knowing all pokies on offer have been certified as affair and random, the operators of such sites and apps have been vetted and are financially sound and of good character too.

Enhanced and Exclusive Online Pokies Bonus Offers

Another aspect of using our website as your resource for all things pokie machine related is that we have been able to negotiate some enhanced and exclusive bonuses that are available to all players based in New Zealand.

To ensure that you qualify for each of them you are required to click onto our links that will take you to each highlighted and fully approved slot site or online casino site. Please ensure once you arrive at those sites you read the respective terms and conditions associated with each bonus offer.

As for the types of pokie bonuses that are available to you, they really are going to be wide and varied, so allow me to run through each of them to give you an overview of just what you are going to be able to claim.

Free Spin Bonuses

free spins

By tracking down some of the free slot spin pokie offers you are going to be able to claim a set of no cost spins on all manner of different online pokies, but spins on which any winnings you do achieve are yours to keep.

Be aware though that the best valued free pokies spin bonus offers are those which give you a lot of no cost spins and also ones that have the maximum number of pay lines activated and with the highest coin values attached to each spin too!

No Deposit Casino Bonuses

I do know may pokie players are going to be tempted to claim no deposit bonuses, for they are a way of getting a free bankroll to play all manner of different slots, just be aware that as there is no risk to your bankroll when claiming such bonus they do tend to come with a huge number of individual terms and conditions!

High Valued Deposit Match Casino Slots Bonuses

A deposit match bonus will see you being required to make a deposit into your pokie site or casino account and by doing so you will then receive a bonus worth a percentage of your deposit.

By choosing pokie bonuses which offer a 100% match you will get a much bigger starting bankroll than for example claiming a 50% deposit match pokie bonus, but always makes sure that you are not limited in regards to what you can win and cash out when claiming such a bonus and that any bonus you make use of comes with a low play through requirement too.

Frequently Asked Questions

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Playing pokie machines from New Zealand online is something that you are probably itching to try, but as you may have all manner of questions about doing so. If that is the case then below you will find the most commonly asked questions about doing so along with the respective answers.

  • Are Online Pokies Fair?

By ensuring you stick to playing at any of our approved New Zealand pokie and slot sites then you will have the complete peace of minding in knowing every single pokie game on offer to you at those fully licensed sites are fair and random and have been certified as being so too.

  • Is it Safe and Legal to Play at Online Casinos from New Zealand?

You will be playing pokie games legally and safely if you do choose to sign up to and play at any of our approved slot and pokie sites, as each of them have been granted a full gambling license to operate in many different jurisdictions.

  • How Many Online Slots Are Available to New Zealand Players?

As far as just how many pokie games you are going to be able to play online, well they number the thousands, it all depends on just which casino or pokie site you do decide to sign up to and play at, but on average most of them will offer you hundreds of different pokies!

  • Can Pokie Players in New Zealand Play Progressive Slots?

Make no mistake about it, no matter what types of pokies you fancy playing as a player based anywhere in New Zealand you are going to find them on offer to you online, and those pokies do include a huge number of progressive jackpot warding pokies, some of which offer more than one jackpot and some that also award their jackpots completely at random too.

  • What Denomination Can I Play For?

I should let you know that all pokies sites and apps will offer you a range of free play games, so if you simply want to pass some time and play at no risk that is exactly what you are going to be able to do. However, when playing for real money you will find plenty of one cent denomination slots and pokies offerings some much higher staking options too, so they are suitable for all players bankrolls.

  • Visiting New Zealand and Want to Play Pokies?

You may be planning a visit to New Zealand in the very near future and if you do also fancy playing pokies in a land based venue there are several casinos that do come highly recommended.

The many SkyCity Casinos do seem to be very popular with players, and it is very true to say that no expense has been spared ensuring each of the casinos they operate are of the highest standard and come packed with every type of pokie machine you could ever want to play.

You will find casinos owned by them in Auckland, Hamilton, and Queenstow and also I can also recommend the SkyCity Wharf Casino too, plus a couple of other casinos worth paying a visit to if you are ever staying nearby are the Dunedin Casino and the Christchurch Casino too.

Playing Slot Machines Responsibly

Playing pokies can be fun, entertaining and of course you can win big when doing so however you should always play them responsibly no matter in which ever playing environment you do choose to play them in.

Players should set themselves a budget and one they can afford and always be aware of the risks of playing any type of pokie or slot machines too. However, if you do feel that you are experiencing problems with such gaming machines please pay a visit to the Gambling Helpline New Zealand website for lots of practical ways you can cut back or even stop playing pokies.